SHINee’s One Fine Day is just so full of Minkey. It’s like Minkey ver. of Hello Baby (You have to agree, Hello Baby was full of Jongyu and Jongkey……)

Like, how Key reacts when he hears Minho’s voice and how MInho said they’re so different when they go shopping, it’s basically Key shopping and Minho is just waiting and complaining like a typical boyfriend. 

And it looked like they were having so much fun skating lol. I wonder what the British people were thinking when they saw them….two guys skating together in the middle of couple-crowed skating rink. :D

……….LOL. THE GIRLS. (It’s like a scene from a fanfiction. Minkey enjoying their date and someone comes and interrupting their date. And Key gets jealous and blah blah….*dies*)

P.S. Minkey need to realize that they don’t suck at singing. Key improved so much even compared to the last mini album ‘Sherlock’ and Minho is doing great job of supporting other members with his voice. ( Like the song Hitchhiking? That was pretty high…..)