// Interpretation of SHINee’s ‘The Misconceptions of Me’//

(The concept of The Misconceptions of Me is zombies, just in case you didn’t know.)



The covers of The Misconceptions of Me and The Misconceptions of You are holding hands. = Their outer and inner selves are connected. 

The pink liquid = representing the ‘blood’ and ‘sacrifice’ SHINee had to make to be where they are right now. 

Onew is closing his eyes because he doesn’t want to see the Medusa and turn into a stone. (We’ll come back to this)


The sub-titles: Medusa. 


Dream Girl -> Nightmare

Runaway -> Can’t Leave 

They’re the exact opposite. (The Misconceptions albums are related obviously….)

Punch Drunk Love -> Music Box (There was a person who was obsessed with a music box in the movie Punch Drunk Love.)


During Spoiler:

When everyone sees me, they can’t leave the spot. It’s obvious.

-> When everyone sees him, they turn into stone, which means they can’t leave or move. 

Your stiff expression, why so serious? 

-> Stiff. In Korean, it’s more like frozen, hardened. 

It’s been a while, Dream Girl. You’ve been waiting for me, weren’t you?

-> SHINee saying hi to the girl after turning into a zombie.

Runaway, if you don’t want to fall for me…Evil, sell your soul.

-> Become a zombie like me if you don’t want to love me. 

SHINee might have saw their ‘dream girl’ before they turned into a zombie, then they came back after the death as zombies. Just for their dream girl. 


When Medusa was killed, Pegasus was born from her neck. Bellerophon was the only guy known to tame Pegasus. The only guy who took a picture with a pony was Taemin. 

In the MV, Taemin was the one who got closest to the girl, which can mean he’s the hero who killed the Medusa. 


During Dream Girl

I wait for you every night

-> Zombies can only be active during the night. 

Your lips are the only thing shinning red in the gray world

-> To a zombie’s eyes, the world is gray.


The last weird sound at the end of Runaway is the sound of a person getting bitten by a zombie, or someone turning into stone. 

Sources: Twitter, Naver